Sonntag, 1. April 2012

This month at The Show

Again this month will have a theme - and we decided to feature films which deal with religion. No matter which religion - and maybe they won't even be classic religious film but have characters which are priests or nuns  or god(desse)s - or have some other connection to this month's theme..

Ava Gardner - as Venus herself.. 

 And of course those classics like THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956) etc will be featured also..

Just by the way: Our covergirl for this month is dancer Agnes de Mille.

Have a wonderful month!

Enjoy the Show!!




  1. Should be another great month here at the show!

  2. "The Ten Commandments" has the most awesome cast, doesn't it? LOVE that movie. It's been an Easter-ish tradition at our house for years. Only thing is, this year I will be gone for Easter, so I'm not exactly sure when I'll be getting that one this year.

    Ava was such a beauty!! She definitely made the perfect Venus!!

  3. I certainly hope so, Monty.

    That's a nice tradition, Patti. Hope you'll have a nice time - even if you won't be able to watch your classic Easter film this month.. Agree completely about Ava Gardner. Thank you for leaving a comment here!