Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

Errol Flynn signs off as our star of the month

It was a great month with Errol Flynn being the first star of Let the Show begin. Me and Irene contributed reviews, photos and other assorted posts recognizing Mr. Flynn. And I guess it went over big because of all the wonderful comments from you guys. Here is a pic of Errol as he makes his exit.

Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Let's watch.. ..Errol Flynn

For this will be my last review of an Errol Flynn film this month – I chose one of my favourite Western - please forgive me the following Schwärmerei!:


San Antonio, 1877: Saloon owners Roy Stuart (Paul Kelly) and his partner Legare (Victor Francen) have betrayed some ranchers - and stolen their cattle. Clay Hardin (Errol Flynn) - who is attracted to new singer of the saloon Jeanne Starr (Alexis Smith) - and Charlie Bell (John Litel - he is one of my favourites. Please watch out for him!) are going to straighten things up..

Jeanne Starr: "This town looks as if it's full of men who step on baby chickens."

In this film S.Z. Sakall mentioned about two times "empty horses" - which might be a side blow to director Michael Curtiz who during the filming of THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936) demanded "empty horses" when he wanted to have stray horses for some battle scenes - David Niven and Errol Flynn found that most amusing. So much that David Niven later named his autobiography BRING ON THE EMPTY HORSES.. Anyway: SAN ANTONIO was directed by David Butler - and (without credit) by Raoul Walsh and Robert Florey.

This film (again) was done in beautiful Technicolor. And if you look at Alexis Smith in this film you'll know: this was a great decision! Have a look - Perfectly stunning, isn't it?

Jeanne Starr: "Are they going to arrest you?"
Clay Hardin: "I hope not. That would spoil our whole evening."

You may have noticed now that I have a soft spot for Alexis Smith.. But it's not "only" her - the film is partly that kind of beautiful that you are reminded of 1940s Disney films - it's hard at the frontier to kitsch.. Pure eye candy.. Even the first five - ten minutes of the film will prove that to you..

I love not only the looks of this film but also the story: I think that the "bad guys" Legare and Stuart are fighting each other as well makes it very exciting to watch. The show down in El Alamo is another very beautifully done scene..

Just because it is one of my alltime favourite film dresses - Alexis Smith again in an utterly wonderful white gown - My sincere thanks to Milo Anderson who was in charge for the costumes here:

Hope you're still enjoying the show!

Yours (very well and) truly


Montag, 28. November 2011

Errol Flynn...A Pictorial Timeline

Here is my little timeline of Errol Flynn through the years with some photos...Enjoy.

Let's begin with this little gem of a pic when Errol was a wee little lad...

                                                      At the age of 14, looking dapper already...

Still pretty young in his sweet ride..

Hollywood Calling Card Photo

                                                                    The Olivia Years...

                                                                 Matinee Idol..yes indeed

                                                      Spending time with Joan Blondell...hmmm..

                                                                In a spot of trouble...

Still working though on quality films like Edge of Darkness with Ann Sheridan

                                                                 In the twilight of his career

Count our lucky stars


Christmas on Let The Show Begin

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the theme for next month will be Christmas films. All month long me and Irene will talk about great Christmas films such as Holiday Affair, Christmas In Connecticut, Miracle on 34th Street and others. Expect plenty of photos and comments from the both of us. Beginning in two days. And any other things that might catch our fancy.

Samstag, 26. November 2011

Let's watch.. ..Errol Flynn

So - you are interested in history? And you don't care that Hollywood sometimes isn't "that" true to history? Fine! (otherwise Hollywood films about actual historical events will drive you mad..)

So how about:

1854 - shortly before the American Civil War. J.E.B. Stuart (Errol Flynn) and his friends (among them Ronald Reagan as George Custer) have to fight against fanatic abolitionist John Brown (Raymond Massey) and their ex-comrade Rader (Van Heflin) - oh, and of course for the love of Kit Carson Holliday (Olivia de Havilland)...

This film takes actual persons and events and puts them in kind of a fictive story - it's a mixture - and please: If you're going to write a dissertation about American History: Don't take this film for all your background information! ... trust me - this would end quite embarrassing for you..

This was the 7th film Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn did together - and of course the premiere was set in Santa Fe.. Miss de Havilland looks unbelievable cute in this film.. and though her part isn't really a challenge for her - she is great.

Again a film directed by Michael Curtiz - much to Errol Flynn's discomfort. Curtiz' aim was to film as realistic as possible - which meant that the safety of the actors wasn't always given. A fact that should finally drive the professional partnership of them both to an end - after 12 films they did together. In Flynn's own words:

"Nothing delighted him [Michael Curtiz] more than real bloodshed."

Again Alan Hale and Guinn "Big Boy" Williams team up for kind of a comic sidekick duo - what I really love.

Van Heflin does quite a good job in this - and in my opinion Raymond Massey gives one of the best performances in this film - if not the best. (well.. yes.. he is one of my favourite actors.. I wonder how you guessed that..) He
reprised his performance of John Brown in SEVEN ANGRY MEN (1955).

So - even if this film is not very adequate when it comes to historical exactness - it's good entertainment. And that's what films should be, shouldn't they? I for one believe that.

I hope you're enjoying the show!



Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Dear Mr. Flynn..

~ this is Irene's maybe a bit silly way to say thank you to some stars who gave some of their starshine to little Irene.. And why not addressing them?

- It is - of course .. - kind of a mimicry of Judy Garland's song DEAR MR. GABLE / YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU - and even less surprising: it's full of sentiment and kitsch.. But you will notice it at once because those posts will start with "Dear.." - so you'll know when to forgo a post here..~

Dear Mr. Flynn!

As you might know my first film memories are forever connected with your films like THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and CAPTAIN BLOOD - for my father loved those adventure films - and we children were allowed to watch them with him. I was hooked immediately..

There are the wonderful women you worked with: Just to name two there are Bette Davis (who wasn't very fond of you - which was mutual..) and Olivia De Havilland (who was very fond of you - just as you were of her..) - I love both actresses very much. When it comes to your female co-stars they were for sure not only beautiful but very talented and smart..

~ so this is what one calls cheek to cheek? ~

And then we have your wonderful film pals: Alan Hale of course, who I really adore. You always seemed to have so much fun together.. And for he was such a teddy bear type there mostly was another more delicate guy at your side - e.g. Patric Knowles - this way you were just the "inbetween/perfect" man.. This was no accident, Mr. Flynn - was it?
Anyway: you seemed to have such a great time together! And watching you guys gave me the feeling to be part of "the gang" - which I loved..

~ merry men - well, almost.. ~

And who could forget your combatants? Of course there are my beloved Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains - and let's be honest: there was a time in which I disliked you for frequently killing my guys..

Oh - and the thing which most of your fans love and which makes it so much fun to watch your movies is the easiness your performances always give off:

All you did - you did it with a smile! The famous Flynn smirk that made some fall for you and others just want you to be their best friend.. That smirk that I now like very much - and that I loathed as "arrogant and idiotic" when you stabbed Basil Rathbone.. - but let's be honest: I think almost every hero in Hollywood killed Basil Rathbone..

~ though you might think it: he isn't killing his rival with looks - and if so it'll be his smirk..~

I like that you always tried to fill your live with adventures like sailing and stuff like that - and I adore your love for animals: once you called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals when horses were mishandled during filming.. And this, dear Mr. Flynn, makes you a hero in my book..

~ two pals on their way to capture the world.. ~

I really adore the humour with which you sometimes made fun of yourself - and with which your autobiography is filled. I am not yet finished with MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS - so there are some parts of your live I want to read your point of view first before I am going to decide what I think of you...

...but right now allow me to say:

Thank you for all those wonderful films and memories, Mr. Flynn - and thank you for one of the biggest smiles Hollywood ever presented.

~ there it is: the fabulous smirk.. ..nice... ~

There are some of your films waiting for me - and I hardly can wait to see them!

I hope you're enjoying the show!



Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

The Dashing Errol Flynn

Wanted to do a post of some photos showcasing Errol at his most dashing. You ladies can thank me later..

Yeah I got it like that...

 Just too cool for words...

 Well since I'm the star of this movie, I say we do it this way...

I don't know what Errol is doing exactly, but whatever it is, it's awesome...

Let me take care of this guy and then me and you can go do our thing Marian, ok...

Let's watch.. ..Errol Flynn

As much as I love black & white films - I am really grateful for Technicolor!

There are several beautiful examples for the effect of this technique - and one you can find right here in the film which was filmed in 1948 but released in 1950 and which I will present now

MONTANA (1950)

In 19th century Montana is ruled by cattle ranchers who are not amused when Australian Morgan Lane (Errol Flynn) and his men arrive - with a giant herd of sheep. Especially Rod Ackroyd (Douglas Kennedy) and Maria Singleton (Alexis Smith) are very upset. But Morgan Lane won't back out - especially because he considers Maria more appealing than menacing..

It was the 4th and last film Alexis Smith and Errol Flynn did together. They also appeared together in DIVE BOMBER (1941), GENTLEMAN JIM (1942) and SAN ANTONIO (1945).

Ray Enright did the direction for this film - and so did Raoul Walsh - though he didn't get credit for that. This is just a small western - you might consider it a B movie - but three things make it special enough (for me that is..) to talk about it:

1. Alexis Smith in Technicolor - especially when she is wearing a lightblue evening gown and a brightblue and sparkling pendant on her necklace - perfectly matching her iceblue eyes.. (just love it - but wasn't able to find a pic for you - believe me: It's beautiful! - though Miss Smith has a waistline that makes me think: "Oh - I am fat!! I'll never eat again.." - of course I will melancholy nibble some cookies while thinking that..)

2. A girl threatening Errol Flynn with a gun? Count me in - have to watch that! What does a classic gentlemen when the person who is pointing at him with a weapon is female??

3. What can I say - Look (and listen!!) for your own:

I hope you're enjoying the show!



Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Let's watch...Errol Flynn


This film marked the first pairing of Errol Flynn and Olivia De Havilland and it's a beaut. Directed by Michael Curtiz, the film is set in 17th century England where Dr. Peter Blood (Flynn) is convicted of treason against the King for aiding a wounded friend who had participated in the Monmouth Rebellion in accordance with his professional duties. He is sentenced to death, but by the whim of King James II, Peter Blood and the surviving rebels are sold into slavery in the English colony of Port Royal. Peter Blood is purchased by Arabella Bishop (Olivia de Havilland), the beautiful niece of the local military commander Colonel Bishop. Arabella, attracted by Blood's rebellious nature, does her best to improve his chances of living by recommending him as the personal physician of the local governor, who is suffering from a gouty foot.

After treating the governor, Blood and other slaves hatch a daring escape and make it. Soon beginning a life of piracy on the high seas. Years later, Arabella and her royal emissary are captured by Blood's treacherous partner Captain Levasseur (Basil Rathbone) to ransom. Blood is willing to pay the price but winds  up dueling with Levasseur. Their battle predates Flynn and Rathbone's epic sword fight in Robin Hood a few years later. After their fight, Blood takes Arabella and her emissary to safety but has to engage two French warships. A thrilling battle ensues with Blood and crew victorious.

Everything wraps up for a happy ending with Peter and Arabella finally getting together. Captain Blood was a great start for Flynn and de Havilland as they would team up for several more great films.

Thank our lucky stars


Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Let's watch...Errol Flynn


Now this one is a little misleading as Errol Flynn is not the star. This is a film showcasing the awesome Doris Day and co-starring Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan. It's wonderful comedy which has Doris as Judy Adams, trying to become a major Hollywood actress with the help of Carson and Morgan who play themselves. The film is set at the Warner Bros studio, so you get to see tons of Hollywood's biggest stars. Such as Joan Crawford, Jane Wyman, Gary Cooper, Danny Kaye, Edward G. Robinson and lots more. You're probably asking what's the connection to Errol Flynn, Monty? I'm getting there.

Judy looks very happy..Jeffrey..umm not so much..

After a few misfires with directors, Judy decides to head home to Gurkey's Corner to marry her long time fiancee, Jeffrey Bushdinkel. He's played by our guy, Errol in one of the best cameos in film history. It will require a double take when you finally see Judy's fiancee and it turns out to be Errol. You should see the faces Carson and Morgan make when they see him too. It's all in good fun and Errol was a sport to take part in this enjoyable and very meta film. With all the gags and visuals and references to classic Hollywood, this film is a joy to watch. I know I enjoyed it.

Thank our lucky stars


Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Let's watch.. ..Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn did about 12 films with director Michael Curtiz – of whom he was no big fan. Nevertheless it’s great to watch the films they did together

- and one of them I am about to present:


1586. The king of Spain (Montagu Love – again in a royal part..) dreams of conquering the world (Does any other person like that living in 1940 come to your mind?? Yeah.. You got it!) and sends his attaché Don José Alvarez de Cordoba (Claude Rains – magnificent – do I have to tell you that?) to the court of Queen Elizabeth I. (the marvellous Flora Robson – also not her first time in a royal part..) where Lord Wolfingham (Henry Daniell) is more than avid to join any intrigue. With Don José travel his niece Maria (Brenda Marshall – one of the most beautiful women Errol Flynn ever worked with..) and her maid Miss Latham (also a classic cast: Una O’Connor).

In the English Channel their ship is captured by Captain Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn –honestly, who did you expect??) and his crew (incl. the wonderful Alan Hale) who are in service to Queen Elizabeth. Of course Maria and Captain Thorpe don’t get along too well – in the beginning..

"They say that Elizabeth surrounds herself with beauty in the hope that it may be contagious."

Please watch out for Donald Crisp as Sir John Burleson – how could I write about this film without mentioning him?

For this is a Michael Curtiz film you’ll see some really beautiful "shadow shots"

– which inter alia make the scene in which Captain Thorpe returns with his men to an apparently left ship to one of the creepiest scenes I ever saw in a swashbuckler.. If you listen with open ears you will clearly notice that this film is also political – actually I think it’s hard to not notice it..

Speaking of listening: again the score is delivered by the great Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Though the film was actually a black and white movie it later was digitally colorized - I only know the b/w version - so I can't tell you anything about the "new look"..

What I always find hard to believe is that Errol Flynn’s character is supposed to be shy towards women.. … yeah.. sure...

Just for fun:

This picture was taken during the filming of THE SEA HAWK at Errol Flynn’s ranch – the puppy is one of the first litter of Rhodesian Lion Hounds ever to be born in the USA.

I hope you're enjoying the show!



Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Let's watch.. .. Errol Flynn


This is where it started. I mean Kevin Costner's version was a decent enough film, but for me, Errol Flynn is the Robin Hood. No question about it. One of the best looking and best sounding movies you will ever see. Lots of action and witty dialogue plus great villians in Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy and Claude Rains as Prince John. Plus Olivia deHavilland is terrific as Maid Marian. A winner any way you look at it.
A rousing music score combined with the lush scenery and this is grand entertainment at it's finest.

Lady Marian:"Why, you speak treason!"

Thank our lucky stars