Montag, 28. November 2011

Errol Flynn...A Pictorial Timeline

Here is my little timeline of Errol Flynn through the years with some photos...Enjoy.

Let's begin with this little gem of a pic when Errol was a wee little lad...

                                                      At the age of 14, looking dapper already...

Still pretty young in his sweet ride..

Hollywood Calling Card Photo

                                                                    The Olivia Years...

                                                                 Matinee Idol..yes indeed

                                                      Spending time with Joan Blondell...hmmm..

                                                                In a spot of trouble...

Still working though on quality films like Edge of Darkness with Ann Sheridan

                                                                 In the twilight of his career

Count our lucky stars



  1. I like how he was a spiffy dresser even as a child. Cool post! :]

  2. Love this post! My favourite picture is the one which you called "in a spot of trouble"..