Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Let's watch.. ..Errol Flynn

For this will be my last review of an Errol Flynn film this month – I chose one of my favourite Western - please forgive me the following Schwärmerei!:


San Antonio, 1877: Saloon owners Roy Stuart (Paul Kelly) and his partner Legare (Victor Francen) have betrayed some ranchers - and stolen their cattle. Clay Hardin (Errol Flynn) - who is attracted to new singer of the saloon Jeanne Starr (Alexis Smith) - and Charlie Bell (John Litel - he is one of my favourites. Please watch out for him!) are going to straighten things up..

Jeanne Starr: "This town looks as if it's full of men who step on baby chickens."

In this film S.Z. Sakall mentioned about two times "empty horses" - which might be a side blow to director Michael Curtiz who during the filming of THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936) demanded "empty horses" when he wanted to have stray horses for some battle scenes - David Niven and Errol Flynn found that most amusing. So much that David Niven later named his autobiography BRING ON THE EMPTY HORSES.. Anyway: SAN ANTONIO was directed by David Butler - and (without credit) by Raoul Walsh and Robert Florey.

This film (again) was done in beautiful Technicolor. And if you look at Alexis Smith in this film you'll know: this was a great decision! Have a look - Perfectly stunning, isn't it?

Jeanne Starr: "Are they going to arrest you?"
Clay Hardin: "I hope not. That would spoil our whole evening."

You may have noticed now that I have a soft spot for Alexis Smith.. But it's not "only" her - the film is partly that kind of beautiful that you are reminded of 1940s Disney films - it's hard at the frontier to kitsch.. Pure eye candy.. Even the first five - ten minutes of the film will prove that to you..

I love not only the looks of this film but also the story: I think that the "bad guys" Legare and Stuart are fighting each other as well makes it very exciting to watch. The show down in El Alamo is another very beautifully done scene..

Just because it is one of my alltime favourite film dresses - Alexis Smith again in an utterly wonderful white gown - My sincere thanks to Milo Anderson who was in charge for the costumes here:

Hope you're still enjoying the show!

Yours (very well and) truly



  1. Alexis Smith and Errol Flynn both in color: priceless. Better than Montana (I don't hate Montana; I just think San Antonio is a better movie). And Cuddles Sakall provides some nice comic relief. Great post!

  2. So true, CagneyFan! I agree completely: SAN ANTONIO is better than MONTANA (and I also like MONTANA..)

    Thank you so very much for commenting (and your compliment!)