Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Let's watch...Errol Flynn


Now this one is a little misleading as Errol Flynn is not the star. This is a film showcasing the awesome Doris Day and co-starring Jack Carson and Dennis Morgan. It's wonderful comedy which has Doris as Judy Adams, trying to become a major Hollywood actress with the help of Carson and Morgan who play themselves. The film is set at the Warner Bros studio, so you get to see tons of Hollywood's biggest stars. Such as Joan Crawford, Jane Wyman, Gary Cooper, Danny Kaye, Edward G. Robinson and lots more. You're probably asking what's the connection to Errol Flynn, Monty? I'm getting there.

Judy looks very happy..Jeffrey..umm not so much..

After a few misfires with directors, Judy decides to head home to Gurkey's Corner to marry her long time fiancee, Jeffrey Bushdinkel. He's played by our guy, Errol in one of the best cameos in film history. It will require a double take when you finally see Judy's fiancee and it turns out to be Errol. You should see the faces Carson and Morgan make when they see him too. It's all in good fun and Errol was a sport to take part in this enjoyable and very meta film. With all the gags and visuals and references to classic Hollywood, this film is a joy to watch. I know I enjoyed it.

Thank our lucky stars



  1. Jeffrey Bushdinkel sounds like a name Preston Sturges would have cooked up. Have seen this movie once and enjoyed it. Fluff, but fun fluff. Being a Flynnatic, I knew how the movie was going to end, but it was such fun to wait and watch for that final scene. As far as I'm concerned, you can give Flynn as much time as you want, though I hope James Mason gets his time as well. :)