Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Let's watch.. ..Errol Flynn

As much as I love black & white films - I am really grateful for Technicolor!

There are several beautiful examples for the effect of this technique - and one you can find right here in the film which was filmed in 1948 but released in 1950 and which I will present now

MONTANA (1950)

In 19th century Montana is ruled by cattle ranchers who are not amused when Australian Morgan Lane (Errol Flynn) and his men arrive - with a giant herd of sheep. Especially Rod Ackroyd (Douglas Kennedy) and Maria Singleton (Alexis Smith) are very upset. But Morgan Lane won't back out - especially because he considers Maria more appealing than menacing..

It was the 4th and last film Alexis Smith and Errol Flynn did together. They also appeared together in DIVE BOMBER (1941), GENTLEMAN JIM (1942) and SAN ANTONIO (1945).

Ray Enright did the direction for this film - and so did Raoul Walsh - though he didn't get credit for that. This is just a small western - you might consider it a B movie - but three things make it special enough (for me that is..) to talk about it:

1. Alexis Smith in Technicolor - especially when she is wearing a lightblue evening gown and a brightblue and sparkling pendant on her necklace - perfectly matching her iceblue eyes.. (just love it - but wasn't able to find a pic for you - believe me: It's beautiful! - though Miss Smith has a waistline that makes me think: "Oh - I am fat!! I'll never eat again.." - of course I will melancholy nibble some cookies while thinking that..)

2. A girl threatening Errol Flynn with a gun? Count me in - have to watch that! What does a classic gentlemen when the person who is pointing at him with a weapon is female??

3. What can I say - Look (and listen!!) for your own:

I hope you're enjoying the show!




  1. Thanks for posting about Montana. While not a great movie, it's highly watchable and entertaining. Someone must have been in a turkey-induced coma to have come up with an ending like that, though. Okay, bad Thanksgiving joke. I've read all sorts of things about how Flynn was so drunk on the set of this film and how Walsh had his hands full, and Walsh was a heavy drinker himself. Flynn is looking a bit ragged around the edges here. Regardless, Montana is a fun way to while away an hour and a quarter.

  2. I did not know Errol and Alexis made this many films together. I knew of only Dive Bomber and Gentlemen Jim. And they make a great pair. I would love to see Montana and San Antonio now. Awesome post Irene!

  3. thank you for your comment, CagneyFan.

    Haha, Monty - guess which two films with Errol Flynn and Alexis Smith I don't know yet.. ;")