Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

Dear Mr. Flynn..

~ this is Irene's maybe a bit silly way to say thank you to some stars who gave some of their starshine to little Irene.. And why not addressing them?

- It is - of course .. - kind of a mimicry of Judy Garland's song DEAR MR. GABLE / YOU MADE ME LOVE YOU - and even less surprising: it's full of sentiment and kitsch.. But you will notice it at once because those posts will start with "Dear.." - so you'll know when to forgo a post here..~

Dear Mr. Flynn!

As you might know my first film memories are forever connected with your films like THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD and CAPTAIN BLOOD - for my father loved those adventure films - and we children were allowed to watch them with him. I was hooked immediately..

There are the wonderful women you worked with: Just to name two there are Bette Davis (who wasn't very fond of you - which was mutual..) and Olivia De Havilland (who was very fond of you - just as you were of her..) - I love both actresses very much. When it comes to your female co-stars they were for sure not only beautiful but very talented and smart..

~ so this is what one calls cheek to cheek? ~

And then we have your wonderful film pals: Alan Hale of course, who I really adore. You always seemed to have so much fun together.. And for he was such a teddy bear type there mostly was another more delicate guy at your side - e.g. Patric Knowles - this way you were just the "inbetween/perfect" man.. This was no accident, Mr. Flynn - was it?
Anyway: you seemed to have such a great time together! And watching you guys gave me the feeling to be part of "the gang" - which I loved..

~ merry men - well, almost.. ~

And who could forget your combatants? Of course there are my beloved Basil Rathbone and Claude Rains - and let's be honest: there was a time in which I disliked you for frequently killing my guys..

Oh - and the thing which most of your fans love and which makes it so much fun to watch your movies is the easiness your performances always give off:

All you did - you did it with a smile! The famous Flynn smirk that made some fall for you and others just want you to be their best friend.. That smirk that I now like very much - and that I loathed as "arrogant and idiotic" when you stabbed Basil Rathbone.. - but let's be honest: I think almost every hero in Hollywood killed Basil Rathbone..

~ though you might think it: he isn't killing his rival with looks - and if so it'll be his smirk..~

I like that you always tried to fill your live with adventures like sailing and stuff like that - and I adore your love for animals: once you called the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals when horses were mishandled during filming.. And this, dear Mr. Flynn, makes you a hero in my book..

~ two pals on their way to capture the world.. ~

I really adore the humour with which you sometimes made fun of yourself - and with which your autobiography is filled. I am not yet finished with MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS - so there are some parts of your live I want to read your point of view first before I am going to decide what I think of you...

...but right now allow me to say:

Thank you for all those wonderful films and memories, Mr. Flynn - and thank you for one of the biggest smiles Hollywood ever presented.

~ there it is: the fabulous smirk.. ..nice... ~

There are some of your films waiting for me - and I hardly can wait to see them!

I hope you're enjoying the show!




  1. What a fun post, Irene!! Would you believe I have NEVER seen the Robin Hood film you are talking about. I know, I know, such a shame. I need to make time for that one.

    I do get a huge kick out of Alan Hale. He is such a scream in so many movies. Seems like he was a real fun-lovin' guy...or was that all just acting? Maybe he was a real stick in the mud!!

    Anyhow, I'm enjoying learning a bit about Errol Flynn. My top guys are in no danger of being toppled, but I am loving learning a bit about someone I know little about.

  2. Thank you so very much, Patti! I like Alan Hale very, very much, too.. Glad that you are enjoying our posts!

  3. Sorry to be commenting so late but this post was so much fun. Very well done Irene. I enjoyed it all the way through. Good idea!