Samstag, 5. November 2011

Well - did you evah..? ... When Errol Flynn met Greer Garson

~ "Well, did you evah?" will be a little series containing all the schmooze and gossip and anecdotes that hopefully will entertain you.. - and yes, it's title arises from the song of HIGH SOCIETY (1956).. ~

I am just reading Errol Flynn's autobiography MY WICKED, WICKED WAYS (which is just by the way amazing..) and I want to share with all of you what he did when he first met Greer Garson when they were about to film THAT FOSYTE WOMAN (1949):

Errol Flynn was very much excited - he was happy to do a more dramatic film (getting frequently typecasted for swashbucklers apparently was fun - but also a bit dull and not very challenging) but also very nervous to work with Greer Garson - the grande dame of drama who everyone including studio's top brass treated like a queen.

He was so nervous that he thought some vodka would help to get him at ease before their first meeting.

So.. when they met he took all his heart and shook her hand .. then he "slapped her on the fanny" and said: "Hi yuh, Red!".


All the people around grew stiff - and there was a little pause with everyone waiting what would happen next..


...Greer Garson broke out in laughter and the ice broke...

Greer Garson was for sure a lady - though according to Mr. Flynn she also was a "mischievous imp":

Both played practical jokes on each other (Errol Flynn was kind of famous for that..) - like Greer Garson fixing an electric contact in Errol Flynn's pants while he was to do a scene with a goldheaded walking stick between his legs - making him jump "like a witch riding a broom"..

~ I bet they had a swell time together.. ~

Thank you very much for listening!

Hope you all enjoy the show!


(very well and) truly



  1. Very nice Irene. I love the excerpts from this book that you sent me and glad you posted one here too. Awesome!

  2. I'd always heard that Greer *insisted* on stopping for afternoon tea, regardless of what was going on or how far behind schedule they were. But this is the first time I've seen a photo of her actually doing it. The two of them really look as though they were enjoyed each other's company!

  3. Thank you, Monty! Glad you enjoyed it.

    I didn't know that she "insisted" on afternoon tea, Martin! Thank you for sharing this information! There is soo much to learn about them, isn't it?