Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

Let's watch.. ..Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

There are so many christmas classics

(hope you all checked out Monty's marvellous favourite christmas movie list!?!)

and there also are so many christmas B-movies - like:


On Christmas eve three elderly gentlemen (C. Aubrey Smith, Harry Carey and Charles Winninger) befriend a young woman (Jean Parker) and a young man (Richard Carlson) who become lovers. After all of them become good friends while spending a great deal of time together the three gentlemen die in a plane crash - but because the young couple is in danger to break away from each other the three men come back to earth as ghosts to help them. Problem is: each of the ghosts has to leave at some point..

~ singing Christmas carols: C. Aubrey Smith, Jean Parker and Richard Carlson ~

This film is also known as BEYOND CHRISTMAS.

The cast is great! I have a soft spot for C. Aubrey Smith and Harry Carey. And like me some fans of old B-horror films will be happy to see Richard Carlson in one of his earlier films whilst fans of silent movies (which I am too..) might be glad to see Rod La Rocque in one of his later films.. And each and everone should be happy to see Jean Parker! I tell you: be happy to see Jean Parker! At once!! Thank you.

The play bill might not contain the big names of Hollywood - but you for sure know the faces! Very fine character actors you'll see in this film.

~ Jean Parker is blue - Charles Winninger is lucent.. ~

Oh and the role names! Esther Williams frequently makes fun in retrospect of the names which appear in old films - and I certainly have fun with them, too! Just one example: Richard Carlson's character is from Texas - and he's called: Jimmy Houston! Don't you love that? And of course he is wild about horses! - plus: he is an aspiring singer! I close my case.

And there're some other clichés in this film: Charles Winninger's character is Irish - and you won't get a chance to forget that.. well - this is kind of cute.

The film is originally a b/w film - but in 2004 for the DVD release there was a colorozation made - which in my opinion gives the film almost a 3D like effect - no real 3D but somewhat like it.. I like both versions very much - have a look at the colours:

~ colorized ghosts: Charles Winninger, C. Aubrey Smith & Harry Carey ~

My favourite part - and you might call me a bit morbid - is the way the ghost leave for good. Each of them has a different place where they go to. Which is quite a nice idea.
It is indeed well done - and I have to admit that at some point I always get a bit teary-eyed - because one of them is anticipated in what maybe is eternity..

~ going for good - isn't this beautiful? ~

This film might be no great classic - but for sure it's a nice little B-movie.

Hope you're enjoying the show!



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  1. Sorry to say I have never seen this one but it sounds pretty interesting. Add it to my must see list. Great post Irene!

  2. Like Monty, I have never heard of this one, but I do think it sounds interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. Well - it's a nice little film - but nothing one SIMPLY HAS TO SEE.. ;")

    Thank you, Monty and Patti, for your comments!