Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011


As we rang in the new year, I thought it would be cool to do so with a few friends. Some may go out and some may have a party at home...either way, should be a grand time. So let's get this festive occasion started shall we....

First thing first..make sure you invite everyone you know..
don't forget anyone or you will never hear the end of it

Dean has got you covered in the liquid refreshment department

Believe it or not, Rita's got the food taken care of for you..

Or if you venture out, there's Jimmy and Norma having a little feast

But do keep Paulette away from the cake..please

Soon your friends start arriving like Cary, Irene and Ralph

Carole and Clark

Fred and Ginger doing their thing

Gene and Frank even stopped by before shipping out

Donna ever so helpful in keeping track of the time

As the party starts to get a little wild...

And it finally happens...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May everyone have a fabulous New Year
and a great start into 2012!

Count our lucky stars



  1. What a fun post, Monty. Lots of fabulous photos.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012!!

  2. These are such appropriate photos! Great fun. Happy New Year!