Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

Welcome to The Show - Mr. Bogart!!

A Happy New Year to all our followers! I hope we all have a great 2012! 

~ Oh my.. already 2012!! ~

So now that we start into a new year we have a wonderful new star-guest at The Show - it's the peerless 

Humphrey Bogart!

~ yes, here's looking at you.. ~

For Monty chose our first guest  - the wonderful and dashing Errol Flynn (who had a great month here if I may say so..) - it's now my turn to choose a star and I decided to go with Mr. Bogart - for he is kind of a contrast to Errol "The Smirk" Flynn - and also he had his birthday not so long ago on December 25th.. 

So please prepare yourself for a month filled with all about "Bogie".. And those of you who are more interested in his 4th (and final) wife: Lauren Bacall is this month's Classic Movie Goddess at Monty's blog ALL GOOD THINGS! (just saying..)

~ Here they are - Next station: Blogville.. ~

But now: please take your seats - relax, welcome our guest affectionately -  and, please:

Enjoy the show!

Yours truly



  1. Awesome intro post about Bogie, Irene. And thanks for the mention about Lauren being my classic movie goddess on my blog. Nice teamwork partner!

  2. You're welcome, partner! ;") So very, very glad that you like it!