Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Let's watch.. ..KEY LARGO

Today I will present a film which is based on a play - though it isn't very true to it's "master". It is also another film teaming Humphrey Bogart and director John Huston:

KEY LARGO (1948)

In Key Largo, Florida, a bunch of gangsters - lead by Rocco (Edward G. Robinson) - is waiting in a hotel for an hurricane to end. They're on their way to Cuba and James Temple (Lionel Barrymore) - the owner of the hotel - , his daughter-in-law Nora (Lauren Bacall) and Frank McCloud (Humphrey Bogart) - the comrade and friend of her husband who was killed in action - are under their thumb.. 

   ~ Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Edward G. Robinson and Claire Trevor ~

The plot is classic and might remind you of THE PETRIFIED FOREST (1936) - but it is actually a bit different. 

Edward G. Robinson (another one of my favourite actors ever) is marvellous - and I am also a great admirer of Claire Trevor who gives just a wonderful performance as a moll addicted to alcohol. 

~ Humphrey Bogart is not amused by Edward G. Robinson's "phrasing"-  while Claire Trevor is trying to  protect her drink. ~

Claire Trevor's part is actually based on a real time moll Gay Orlova - who was believed to be dead at the time of the filming. Actually she lived till 1954 - trying to get in touch with her former lover Mafiosi Lucky Luciano.

~ Gay Orlova in her prime (source: Corbis images) ~
The boat on which the film's showdown happens is called Santana which was - as most of you will know - also the name of Humphrey Bogart's own yacht. He bought it from Dick Powell and June Allyson. Bogart was that fond of sailing and especially his yacht that he also called his production firm Santana.

~ Mr. and Mrs. Bogart on board of the Santana. ~

Hope you're enjoying the show!




  1. Oh, I really like this movie! It's especially fun for me, since I lived in Florida for 20+ years...I am quite familiar with waiting out a hurricane (though not on Key Largo).

    I think everyone was super in this film...but Eddie G. and Claire Trevor were the total standouts. Actually, Claire Trevor won the Best Supporting Actress for her performance. She definitely deserved it!

  2. Key Largo is a great film. I love all of the pairings of Bogie and Bacall. They had wonderful chemistry. Great post Irene!

  3. Thank you, Patti & Monty for commenting.