Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Let's watch... CAMILLE (1936)

No doubt a star vehicle for Greta Garbo who works her magic as the doomed Parisian courtesan who loves the young Duval (played by Robert Taylor) but leaves him at the bequest of Duval's father. Later she is stricken with illness and Duval comes back. Tragic tear-jerker that benefits from the great performance of Garbo. Pure excellence. This is my second favorite Garbo film. I only like her screwball comedy Ninotchka more. But Camille is by far my favorite of her dramatic films. She just makes her acting seem so effortless and not acting at all. And Camille is one of my top 5 favorite romantic films of all time. So if you have never seen it, please try to find it somewhere and watch it. It comes highly recommended by me.


 Greta Garbo's personal favorite of all her films.

The only memento of Hollywood kept by Garbo was a pair of Adrian-designed kid gloves from this film. White leather, they were beaded with an ivy leaf pattern than spelled out her initials "G.G." over and over.

Garbo wore bedroom slippers under all her fancy dresses so she could be comfortable, as well as more naturalistic in her acting.

Count Our Lucky Stars


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  1. I have never seen this, but I LOVE Robert Taylor...he's easily one of my top 10 faves. It was on TCM this morning (very early), so I set the DVR. I anticipate watching it sometime in the upcoming week.

    Can't wait!!