Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Let's watch.. ..THEY LIVE BY NIGHT

I am not the one to decide whether it is good or bad luck for a director to create a wonderful piece of film with their first try..

The one I want to present now is the very first film Nicholas Ray directed – and again a film based on a novel:  


When Bowie (Fraley Granger) and Keechie (Cathy O’Donnell) meet – we could have a classic boy meets girl story – but: Bowie is on the run. The police is after him and his mates (Howard Da Silva and Jay C. Flippen). And though Keechie and Bowie try to live the classic lovers’ dream of marriage and founding a family – the polive doesn’t forget about Bowie..

~ dreaming of a calm and happy life.. ~
I love this film. It’s kind of a gloomy love story about two very young people who’s luck doesn’t have a real chance. I love the moments when they’re together trying to live kind of a normal life. 

~I also love that singer Mary Bryant has an appearnce..~

This might be not the classical lover’s film – but it’s one of my favourite love stories. 

So – if you don’t need a classic happy end and loads of glamour to be fine with a film: 

Please, give it a try.

Thank you very much for listening!



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