Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Let's watch.. ..THE RAZOR'S EDGE

High time for our first review of a Gene Tierney film, I guess.. 

So let's start with a film based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham:


Shortly after WWI at a fancy party author W. Somerset Maugham (Herbert Marshall) meets inter alia rich snob Elliot Templeton (Clifton Webb) and his niece Isabel (Gene Tierney), also her admirer Gray Maturin (John Payne) and her fiancé Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power, jr.) and Larry's childhood friend Sophie (Anne Baxter).

After serving in war Larry likes to find out about the meaning of live and wants to live in Paris for some time. Isabel would rather like to have a family and doesn't want to forgo her luxurious lifestyle - so they call the engagement off. Isabel marries Gray - she doesn't love him but he has money - and Larry spents some time in France and India. 

Years later Somerset Maugham, Elliot Templeton, Isabel and Gray, Larry and Sophie meet again in Paris. After Sophie's husband and child were killed due to a car accident she became an alcoholic. That Larry starts to take an interest in her helps her a lot and she stays clean. But when Sophie and Larry are about to be married Isabel doesn't agree at all.. 

~ just a marvellous cast - here in the 1918 party scene:
 Gene Tierney, Tyrone Power, Herbert Marshall, Clifton Webb, Anne Baxter and Lucile Watson as Isabel's mother~

Before Gene Tierney was casted her part was actually meant to be played by Maureen O'Hara

For the part of Sophie also Judy Garland and Betty Grable were on the list.. - well.. at last it went to the amazing Anne Baxter, who does a wonderful job as Sophie. - For those who care for things like that: she won an Oscar that year for this part. - She later stated that her breakdown in this film when she learns about the death of her husband and child are based on her feeling about the death of her three-year-old brother when she was a child. Anne Baxter is for sure a great actress - but this scene is especially moving..

~ Best supporting actress 1947: Anne Baxter in THE RAZOR'S EDGE ~

Another very moving scene is done by Clifton Webb - who is of course as snobbish as ever - but in the end he has a scene in which you really can feel sorry for his character..

Gene Tierney's dresses were designed by her fiancé Oleg Cassini - the wedding dress was meant for their wedding - but then they eloped and Gene didn't need it - so her stand-in later wore it for her own wedding.. Have a look at the said dress in the film:

It's a wonderful film - with several outstanding performances. I am of course very happy that one of my number one actresses (Elsa Lanchester!!) has a ( though much too short..) appearence in this film - same goes for legendary Austrian actor Fritz Kortner. I must admit that I am very, very fond of the whole cast - it has many of my favourite actors - besides Elsa Lanchester of course.. : Esp. Herbert Marshall, Tyrone Power jr. and Anne Baxter. With 145 minutes it's no short movie - but I think it's worth every single minute. So: If you don't know this film - maybe you can give it a try.. 

Hope you all enjoy the show!

Thank you for listening




  1. First of all, I must admit to you that I haven't read the book. However, I REALLY like the movie. It is easily my favorite of the Tyrone Power/Gene Tierney pairings.

  2. Yeah I need to see this one as well!
    Great post Irene as usual!

  3. Glad that you like this film too, Patti - it's really great!

    Thank you, Monty. I hope you're going to like this film..