Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

Welcome to The Show - Miss Tierney!!

Welcome to a new month with a new guest at THE SHOW! 

I am happy to pronounce that we'll have a very lovely lady as our guest:

It's the gorgeous Miss Gene Tierney!

Have a few looks at her preparation to be a guest at THE SHOW! 

(yes, you are going backstage now.. ]

~ making a few calls -next in line here: Don Ameche ~

~ going through the script - though THE SHOW is pretty much ad-lib.. ~

~ getting ready to go - with a little help of Vincent Price ~

~ waiting for her cue.. - and looking just fabulous! ~

And again: please take your seats, relax, give our guest an affectionate welcome

- here she is..:

~ Gene Tierney, Ladies & Gentlemen!! ~

 - and now: 

Please, enjoy The Show!!

Yours truly



  1. Oh, I love Gene Tierney...one of my top 15 actresses, for sure!

    She was so incredibly beautiful!!

  2. That's great, Patti - and: agree completely! :")

  3. Great intro post Irene! Gene will make an awesome guest to be sure. Love all the pics you used too.

  4. Thank you, Monty! Glad you like them!